Tips to Keep Your Pool Safe

by Pablo Torres 02/11/2024

Having a backyard pool provides a great way to cool off in summer and have fun in the water. When you're a pool owner, you'll also need to keep safety in mind. Here are a few quick and easy safety tips to help you do help you keep your pool fun and secure:

Put up barriers

Having pool barriers can significantly reduce the risk of having someone fall into your pool, including pets. Consider installing a fence around your pool, even if your yard is fenced in. These safety fences should be a minimum of four feet high to provide enough protection. Make sure kids and pets won't be able to climb over your safety fence or jump over it. If your safety fence has a gate, it should be one with a latch and can close on its own. If not, ensure your pool gate stays shut and latched at all times.

Install a safety cover

Your pool might be covered and empty when it's cool out, but you might want to have a cover for it in the summer too. A pool safety cover allows you to conveniently and easily cover your pool to keep kids out of it when adults aren't around. Use your pool safety cover whenever your kids are outside without supervision.

Add anti-entrapment drain covers

Having anti-entrapment drain covers in your pool helps prevent swimmers from potentially being pulled under water. In addition to installing these covers, keep kids and pets away from drains at all times when they're in or near the pool.

Keep life jackets nearby

Life jackets aren't just for swimming or boating in rivers, oceans and lakes. Keep life jackets near your pool for anyone who doesn't know how to swim. Wearing a life jacket helps protect these individuals from drowning. Store life jackets in a place where they're easy to reach before getting into the pool.

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